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Cotton Park Men's Shirts & Accessories

"Double twisted" shirts

Collection of top-of-the-range double-twisted men's shirts is offered to you. Available all year round from stock. This shirt is made with the greatest care in a rigorous selection of double-twisted fabrics, respecting the traditional assembly of the shirt. Some finishing points are applied to the assembly of this shirt.

Cotton Park Double Twist Shirt

Custom order from 35 color shirts with your embroidered label. Minimum order of 120 shirts in total.

100% cotton double-twisted fabrics: Woven with long cotton fibers twisted on themselves, in warp and weft. This fabric makes it possible to make shirts that are particularly pleasant to wear, easy to care for and resistant over time.

Prioritize quality with high-end fabrics.

See the details !

Classic Shirts

Cotton Park classic Italian collar shirt

Production and sale of classic shirts, they are made of 100% cotton fabrics. We offer poplins, serges, twills, end-on-ends, herringbone, basket weaves, piqués, oxfords and weaved fabrics such as cotton sateen.

In stock all year round, we offer shirts from size XS or 35/36 to size 5XL or 51/52.

Our collection is made up of shirts with French collars, shirts with Italian collars, shirts with small trendy collars, shirts with sporty chic buttoned collars, shirts with English collars, shirts with "cutaway" collars , and finally ceremonial shirts with broken collars.

A wide range of classic men's shirts with French cuffs and/or with white collar and white cuffs also exists.

Custom orders from 100 shirts per color.

Fitted Shirts

Cotton Park sky blue fitted shirt

The current trendy men's shirt line!

These fashionable men's shirts are always made of quality cotton and impeccable finishes. The cut of these shirts and the patronage of these shirts has been created to give the body an elegant silhouette. Men's shirt with an Italian collar or French collar remain the main collars mounted on these trendy shirts. These fashionable and trendy men's shirts in 100% cotton, with single cuffs or French cuffs are part of the men's wardrobe.

In stock all year round, we offer fitted men's shirts from size XS or 35/36 to size 2XL or 45/46.

Custom orders from 100 shirts per color.

Ceremony Shirts

Cotton Parl formal collar shirt

Ceremonial shirts are available in broken collar, Italian collar or small trendy collar. Production in white and ecru cotton sateen only.

This shirt is always equipped with a hidden throat, the buttons are therefore not visible and gives an elegant presence when wearing a bow tie.

Production of shirts with convertible single cuffs or French cuffs.

Custom orders from 100 shirts per color.

A wide range of bow ties available in several colors is available to you.

Sport chic shirts

Cotton Park Embroidered Shirt

Chic sport shirts offer you a dynamic and elegant style. These shirts, through their creative and sober research, will give you an out-of-the-ordinary look.

For all occasions, during the day on jeans or in the evening on elegant trousers.

These shirts exist from size S (37/38) to size 3XL (47/48)

Personalized production from 200 shirts per color. Embroideries and designs of your choice to be placed in the desired location on the shirt.

Accessories Cotton Park

silk ties

Cotton Park silk ties

Silk ties are made following the trend of shirt and suit collections.

3 sizes are available: Fine ties 5 cm wide - Classic ties 7 cm wide - Wide ties 8 cm wide.

Plain colors, small classic patterns and club ties are still part of the collection.

Custom production of 50 ties per color. Production time 8 weeks


cotton park bow tie

The bow tie is a very fashionable accessory that can complete formal outfits. Often worn with broken collar shirts during social ceremonies, weddings, communions, bar mitzvahs, business evenings, galas...

There are two types, ready-tied bow ties, easy to use, and open bow ties which are worn as in the photo below with a city collar or wing collar shirt.

Cotton Park open black bow ties

tie a bow tie

Cotton Park offers silk and polyester bow ties. We offer these types of knots in different colors and sizes.


Cotton Park Cufflinks

At Cotton Park, cufflinks are a key accessory!

This accessory allows you to finalize an elegant outfit.

Cotton Park offers a wide range of cufflinks from the most classic to the most playful.


Cotton Park Silk Men's Ascott

Cotton Park respects the elegance of the man with the ascott. Often associated with scarves, they are not.

The ascotts allow you to finalize a look. They are worn at the collar of the shirt when it remains open.

Ascotts are totally British style.

Cotton Park offers a beautiful range of ascott available in several colors, as well as matching boxes, ascott, bow ties, pouches.


Cotton Park Men's Jacket Pouch

Cotton Park specializes in the shirt as well as in the accessories that accompany it.

This is why the pocket is an important accessory not to be neglected.

Often matched with the tie, when the latter is not present, the pocket square can match the shirt. The silk clutch adds the finishing touch to an elegant outfit.

At Cotton Park, pouches exist in several forms:

- They slip directly into the pocket of the jacket in the shape of a round handkerchief.

- They slip directly into the pocket of the jacket in the shape of a square handkerchief.

- Finally, we sell pocket squares to fold according to your choice in the suit pocket. Cotton Park pouches are available in several colors, plain or with patterns.

See some models!

Leather belts

Cotton Park leather belt

The belt is also an essential accessory. It allows you to complete a simple or dressy outfit.

Cotton Park offers high quality 100% leather belts.

They are sold in several colors as well as basic colors such as black, brown and navy blue. Also, a collection of fancy belts in Nubuck exists permanently. All our belts are adjustable and adjustable.


Cotton Park Men's Suspenders

Suspenders are an optional but trendy and often useful accessory. Cotton Park suspenders are made with a double fastening system (buttons or clips).

They are available in several colors, plain or patterned. The straps are adorned with a metal "Cotton Park" badge.

boxer shorts

Cotton Park men's boxer shorts

Cotton Park briefs are made with quality 100% cotton fabrics.

Available from size S to size XXL. Often offered with contrasting colors at the waistband. American seam on the back, the Cotton Park boxer shorts are very comfortable.


Cotton Park socks, 100% cotton in Scottish thread, sold in boxes of 6 per size. 3 sizes are available 40/41 - 42/43 -44/46.

These are mid-socks with remeshed toes and heels. A palette of 10 colors is permanently available. Wearing a pair of socks matching the pants is recommended.

Cotton Park cotton lisle socks for men

Embroidered patches

Hand-embroidered crests are part of the collection. In order to complete an elegant outfit, place a crest on your blazer. Several models and shapes are available from stock.

Embroidered patch cotton park


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